Castable Refractory Recipe


ericvw: How'd that tinkering work out for you ? I'm a little bit away from you, on the other side of the pond and all... Apr 6, 2015 17:57:34 GMT -8
Daryl: Happy Weekend!!! :) :) :) Apr 10, 2015 4:44:43 GMT -8
ericvw: Got that right, sista Daryl! Apr 10, 2015 16:57:57 GMT -8
Daryl: I'm off on a hike...everyone have a good day! Apr 12, 2015 7:40:50 GMT -8
ericvw: So Daryl, to where did you hike? Apr 13, 2015 14:21:38 GMT -8
Daryl: Along the French Creek. Ok, it was more of a walk...but still! I got outside!!! And it was in the 60s, cool, and breezy! If it doesn't rain tomorrow, then I am going to try to get over to a lake. Just smelling the fishy water will be a buzz! :) :P Apr 13, 2015 15:38:28 GMT -8
ericvw: Everyone in the states doing there taxes or something? Perhaps Spring has sprung... Boards are quiet! Apr 15, 2015 16:18:19 GMT -8
Daryl: Warm and the sun is out = quiet boards. :P Apr 16, 2015 5:08:56 GMT -8
ericvw: We've been in the rain for DAYS! And not warm rain, either :-S Apr 16, 2015 14:57:18 GMT -8
Daryl: You are two states south of me! You're supposed to be warm! Stop it! (rofl) Apr 16, 2015 16:14:09 GMT -8
ericvw: Talk to the hand, Daryl! You can handle being two states above me, this I know! Did you catch that buzz off the fishy creek, or is that what u youngsters call it these days?(rofl) Apr 17, 2015 17:44:41 GMT -8 *
Daryl: Ooooo snap, Eric. Nah, I get high on nature...and ice cream. Apr 17, 2015 18:16:53 GMT -8
Daryl: Well, I got a growing pile of sticks in the back getting ready for burning. Windy here. Apr 21, 2015 12:03:16 GMT -8
ericvw: I got a growing pile of logs and buckable limbs in the back- windy and intermittent rainy here, going back down into hi 30's- lo 40's overnight. Guess I'll be firing up the old iron box! Need to get that batch box built this summer! Apr 21, 2015 17:52:25 GMT -8
Daryl: Yep, 30s overnight here too this week. Crazy. We will be lucky to get 4 months of steady weather over the 60s. I only burn in the summer so I am looking forward to cooking outside soon. Apr 21, 2015 20:55:27 GMT -8
Daryl: Happy Earth Day!!! Go Green! Apr 22, 2015 7:21:01 GMT -8
Daryl: Snow two days in a row. Apr 23, 2015 11:34:53 GMT -8
johndepew: Keep it to yourself. I pulled out the old wood stove two weeks ago to get the batch box started in our living room. Snow would be a pretty big downer about now. Apr 23, 2015 13:29:02 GMT -8
Daryl: Good luck, John. :) Apr 24, 2015 4:37:03 GMT -8
Daryl: Practicing guitar Apr 25, 2015 16:23:22 GMT -8